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We help the marginalized and destitute people belonging to scheduled caste/scheduled tribes, minority and other backward class communities in the rural and urban areas by providing them various opportunities to sustain themselves in the long run.


Poritranseva has a strong infrastructure supported by large number of executive members, staff and volunteers. We conduct surveys in the villages block by block; analyze the problems existing in the community and societies at large, find a common solution and implement them.


Through mobilization and empowerment of communities we tackle the root causes that come in the way of basic human rights. We believe in the right approach that addresses the main causes – illiteracy due to non functioning schools, poor living conditions due to unemployment, unemployment due to low literacy rate, malnutrition and poor health due to absence of or non-functioning healthcare centers. We want to bring about a change that can sustain itself and not revert to what it was.


The mission of the Poritranseva is to organise and strengthen rural people with an emphasis on women, so as to enable them to take social actions for achieving sustainable social and economic development and strive for a just and equitable society.


The vision of Poritranseva is the development of the most unprivileged section of the society through social action. It also emphasises in the development of the poorest of the poor with the utilisation of the existing resources available at the disposal of the community and making the community to take their own initiatives. The organisation believes in that ‘God helps those who help themselves.'


The objectives of the organisation are given below:

 To work for the gender sensitization and create women groups for women empowerment.

 To improve the literacy level of the general mass.

 To reduce the mortality rate of general population due to TB, Diarrhoea, Kala-ajar, Malaria and other communicable diseases.

 To reduce the birth rate.

 To promote the concept of small family norm.

 To work for the deprived communities for their overall integrated development.

 To develop the leadership capacity especially the women of the community of the most deprived section of the society for participation in the self – governance system.

 To help people during natural calamities, such as floods, famine, earthquake, fire, cyclone and also during the civil commotion and other disturbances.

 To develop linkages with government and other NGO’s for overall development.

 To create a sustainable resource organisation in the project area.



Eugene D Rozario



Every year we publish our annual reports and financial audit reports on the website. As an organization we are mandated to carry out an annual external financial audit.


We manage and stringently monitor our projects to ensure efficient utilization of funds. Projects are regularly assessed by professionals to measure progress against plans. Timely meetings are conducted with the project staff, parents, children and community groups and their heads to help us gauge the progress.


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